Pre-paid Legal Plans- What Services Are Offered?

Considering a pre-paid legal plan? He’s a break-down of the services you’re most likely to receive and also some legal documents you need to sign before enrolling.

Telephone and Office Consultation: You have boundless telephone access to a panel of lawyers regarding any legal matter of interest to you. You can also make brief consultation visits to your lawyer for up to thirty minutes a day for free.

The only limitation placed on these two benefits is that you inquire about a different legal issue.

This aspect of coverage provided by legal plans is one of the most valuable because it promotes preventive law. Preventive law is very much like preventive medicine – it helps in anticipating potential problems and taking the appropriate legal steps so that unnecessary legal problems or risks are avoided. With a simple phone call to your lawyer you can avoid getting wrapped up in a hellish legal situation, and you may even ascertain legal rights you didn’t even know you had.

Follow-Up Service: The panel of lawyers will make phone calls and write letters for you to opposing third parties. Such follow-up service may be all it takes to solve many of your legal problems.

Legal document review: Basic personal legal documents, such as your insurance policies, sales contracts and leases will be reviewed. Any questions of legal nature that you have about the documents will also be answered by your attorney.

Drafting of wills: A will is a written document that regulates how you want your property doled out after your death. Your attorney will draft your will according to your state’s laws so that it will hold up when you die. They will also advise you on any other topics you might want to consider, such as appointing a guardian and establishing a trust.

Discount on regular fees: Any additional services not covered in the written fee agreement will be at usual price – either flat or hourly – with a discount between 20 to 30%. These services generally include family matters, such as divorce and the custody of children, and court representation, such as lawsuits and traffic tickets.

Some of the legal paperwork you will need to read carefully, agree on, and sign include the following:

Written fee agreement: This is an agreement that outlines what services are provided in the plan, the cost and the methods of payment.

Grievance procedure: This document outlines the procedures that will be taken by the provider to solve any complaints about attorneys or disputes regarding service fees.

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