Link Popularity: A Powerful Tool for Top Legal Search Engine Ranking

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Your law firm has a nice website with a memorable web address. Yet after many months you have not obtained one new client you can directly attribute to your legal website and your sites traffic is terrible.

Getting your law firms web site ranked high on the top search engines is necessary for achieving Internet success. In the not too distant past, the only thing you had to do to achieve top search engine placement was to give your page a memorable title, use the right keywords and add a good meta tag description.

Those were yesterday's rules. Today the rules have changed. 7 of the popular 12 search engines are now factoring in link popularity when determining a site's position in search results. This means that your web pages may be perfectly optimized for good search engine placement and still rank badly.

Enhancing your legal link popularity can severely improve your law firms search engine rankings. Improve your search engine rankings and you can't help but do more business.

Link popularity is the total count of web sites that link to your firms site. The more links connecting to your site, the better your link popularity rating. The idea is that if a large number of web sites are willing to host links to your web site, a search engine presumes you have information that is worthwhile to their customers. By using link popularity as ranking criteria, the search engines are making sure their clients will get a more relevant search result. The greater your link popularity rating the better your web site will rank in the search engine directory.

In a real-world example, we will look at two legal websites. We use an easy technique for estimating the number of links pointing to each of the sites, from just the MSN search engine. The first site is This is a well-established legal directory site. Just in February '05 there were over 5,100 unique visitors, all produced from high page one rankings. The second site is a newer legal information website: This site had 128 unique visitors in February '05.

If you follow these tips, you'll be able to run the same link test on your own site. In the search bar on MSN we type in the URL preceded by: link: The input for our first site was: The results exhibited that there were 754 links pointing toward this site. For our second legal website,, MSN listed seven links. To determine what a good incoming link goal should be, you can run this test on some of your high ranking, local legal website competitors. Look at how their average number of links compares to yours.

How do you improve legal link popularity?

Previously, you actually had to visit a number of sites and ask them to link back to your site.

• or you could pay for legal links.

• or you could submit your site to {tons|a bunch|hundreds}} of FFA link directories and hope the search engines indexed the sites before your postings expired.

• or you could go to a lot of legal chat boards, post, and hope your message would be indexed.

All in all, a hit-and-miss proposition which might or might not work. Some legal sites have set up "link-exchange" services. Some are no charge to join and others charge a monthly fee. When it comes to these types of services, the best advice is to stay away . . . far away from them. The search engines are on to this ‘shortcut’ tactic and will actually lower your site’s ranking or remove it from their index when they find it on your site (yes, they have techniques for spotting this).

A self-composed email request to another Webmaster has been the tradition in the past. Recently, specific software has become available that automates the locating of similar teamed legal sites, individually emailing them a link request and creating a legal link directory on your site. One of the best elements of such software is the ability to quickly verify that your link is still on your partner’s site. Such link verification should be done at least once per month to ensure that the linking webmasters are performing up their side of your reciprocal link agreement.

Legal Link popularity - legal reciprocal links -- the easy way.

After much research, I can assure anyone interested in achieving higher search engine rankings should be sure to develop a reliable legal reciprocal linking strategy. The easiest way to do this is with the

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