Better Google Rankings for Your Legal Website - Two Important Factors

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A key factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how your website utilizes keywords. First your website must have helpful, unique and informative content that is well-written. Now, your main task is to screen your content the same way that an algorithm used by Google would. If you have a website about “San Diego bankruptcy lawyers” for instance, is your written content full of keywords related to that topic?

If your content is written with the concept of keywords in mind, then it will have a better chance of ranking well in Google. Again, these keywords naturally occur if articles are written well and focused.

A suggested rule to go by is to modify your content so that your keyword phrase has a density of 1 to 3% of your page’s content. Should you go over the 3% upper limit, your content could be considered spam and excluded or severely penalized in the rankings.

The following is another key rule the Google algorithm pays attention to: external links to your site. This section of Google SEO is also within your control if you take the time to set up a “link exchange” system. In all actuality, Google favors sites that have more outter links pointing to them. A link exchange is the way to build reciprocal links and keep your website from being an island in the Internet universe.

Plenty of the legal websites we have reviewed are among the lowest in number of incoming links. When lacking solid incoming links, your website will be at a great disadvantage that will keep it out of the top Google standings.

Don't forget, legal keyword phrases are among the most competitive on the Internet. To earn a top position for your firm, basic SEO techniques must be followed. Though Google has recently lessened the value of certain incoming links, they still remain a key element in all SEO.

So how many incoming links does it take to be rated well? Well, here are some of the incoming link counts for a few of our legal websites: - 3,074 - 2,123 - 1,883 - 1,741 - 1,266

Striving for a lot of good incoming links is what you need to go to get on page one of, say, the organic listings of Google, you must aim for a lot of good incoming links. The best way to set up your linking program is through software designed to automate the entire process. Searching for suitable linking partners, communicating with them, constructing and maintaining your linking pages, and ensuring your linking partners do not remove your link, can all be taken care of easily. If you’re interested in a linking software recommendation, just email me.

Additionally, we have developed a reciprocal linking program for all our fifteen legal sites. Because of our high ranking, we have some basic rules for joining our free program. If you want to follow our recommendations, review our program’s details ( ) and if you are eligible, join the program. If accepted, your firm will have fifteen high traffic and high ranking legal incoming links pointing to your site!

There are no quick fixes. However, your time will be well rewarded with higher standings and traffic for your site, if you play by the rules. The higher your keyword phrase ranks directly translates into more targeted visitors. Such highly focused visitors have a high conversion into new clients.

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